104 Number Theory Problems: From the Training of the USA IMO Team

Titu Andreescu received his Ph.D. from thc Wcst Univcrsity of Timisoara, Ro­mania. The topic of his dissertation was “Research on Diophantine Analysis and Applications.” Professor Andreescu currently teaches at The University of Texas at Dallas. He is past chairman of the USA Mathematical Olvmpiad, served as di- rector of the MAA American Mathematics Competilions (1998-2003), coach of the USA International Mathemalical Olympiad Team (IMO) for 10 years (1993- 2002), director of the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (1995-2002), and leader of the USA IMO Team (1995-2002). In 2002 Titu was elected member of the IMO Advisory Board, the goveming body of the world’s most prestigious mathematics competition. Titu co-founded in 2006 and continues as director of the AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP). He received the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Mathematics Teaching (rom the MAA in 1994 and a “Certificate of Apprcciation” from the president of the MAA in 1995 for his outstanding Service as coach ofthe Mathematical Olympiad SummerPro- gram in preparing the US team for its períect performance in Hong Kong at the 1994 IMO. Titu’s contributions to numcrous textbooks and problem books arce recognized worldwide.

Dorin Andrica received his Ph.D in 1992 from “Babes -Bolyai” University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; his thesis treated critical points and applications to the geometry of differentiable submanifolds. Professor Andrica has been chairman of the Department of Geometry at “Babcs -Bolyai” sincc 1995. He has written and eonlributed to numerous mathematics textbooks, problem books, articles and sci- entihc papers at various levels. He is an invited lecturer at university coníerences around the world: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Ilaly, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, and the USA. Dorin is a membcr of the Romanian Committee for the Mathcmatics Olympiad and is a member on the editorial boards of several intemational ịoumals. Also, he is well known for his conjecture about consecutive primes called “Andrica’s Conjecture.” He has been a regular faculty member at the Canada-USA Mathcamps betwccn 2001-2005 and at the AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP) since 2006.

Zuming Feng received his Ph.D. fom Johns Hopkins Univcrsity with emphasis on Algebraic Number Theory and Elliplic Curves. He teaches at Phillips Exeler Academy. Zuming also served as a coach of the USA IMO team (1997-2006), was the deputy leader of the USA IMO Team (2000-2002), and an assistant direclor of the USA Mathematical Olynrpiad Summer Program (1999-2002). He has been a member of the USA Mathematical Olympiad Committee since 1999, and has been the leader of the USA IMO team and the academic director of the USA Mathe- matical Olympiad Summer Program since 2003. Zuming is also co-founder and academic dircctor of the AwcsomcMath Summer Program (AMSP) since 2006. He received the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Mathc- matics Teaching from the MAA in 1996 and 2002.


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